About Lontar GmbH

“Lontar” is the Indonesian word for manuscripts written on palm leaves. Palm leaves were widely used for writing in South and Southeast Asia, mainly with Brahmic scripts. Fully supporting these scripts in the digital world is the mission of Lontar GmbH. To that end, we offer consulting as well as end-user apps and tools.

Norbert Lindenberg, founder of Lontar GmbH, has decades of experience in software internationalization. Before focusing on Brahmic scripts, he co-authored and edited the first edition of the standard for JavaScript internationalization, and led internationalization projects at Yahoo!, Sun Microsystems, General Magic, and Apple Computer. He is a pro bono contributor to the Unicode Standard. His work has been recognized with the ECMA Recognition Award and the Unicode Bulldog Award.

Lontar GmbH is based in Vienna, Austria, and registered with Handelsgericht Wien under Firmenbuchnummer 597921x.

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